Videx application form for long-term stay visas

This video will explain of how to fill out the long-term-stay videx application form for the German embassy.

This is the link to the form:

How to fill out the videx application form

Applicant's personal data

Given the information on the passport above, this is how to fill out the application’s personal data section.

Parents of the applicant

This part is about your parents, regardless of whether they are divorced, deceased or still happy, „alive and kicking“.


This part is about your education and work experience. A learned occupation is something you studied at university or college, an apprenticeship, a diploma etc. so any form of formal training or education after finishing school. 

If you have are working in a job which is different to what you studied or learned after school, please enter information about this under „Current occupation (if different)“. 

Current address and contact details

You should enter your address as given on the au pair contract in this section. Make sure you enter an e-mail address you have access to and check your e-mails regularly as the embassy will typically contact you via email.

If you are living in a country which is not your „home country“, so you are living in a country where you do not hold the nationality of this country, please select „Yes“ for the question „Is your residence in a country other than that of your current nationality?“.

In this case you will need to enter the information about the residence permit you are holding.

Your residence permit must be valid until the date your contract in Germany starts. 

Identification papers

This is the section where you enter the passport information.

This is my example of the passport I am using to fill out the form. 

Make sure to enter this information as given on your passport. If you do not know which institution issued your passport, or where is was issued, please leave these blank.

Travel data and purpose

You are coming to Germany as an au pair and can stay a maximum of 365 days. Make sure to enter the start date as indicated on your au pair contract. If not otherwise specified, the last day of your contract will be one year later.

You must select the checkbox „

Reference person

Your host mother or host family is the reference person for the au pair visa. Make sure to enter the information, their address, as indicated on the au pair contract. You should have their mobile phone number (whatsapp number) and can give this, but you do not have to provide the e-mail address of the host family. 

Means of support and details regarding the stay

Your host family will be providing room and board, as well as pocket money and the health insurance for Germany. You will have your own room, provided by the host family. 

As you will be living in Germany for more than 180 days at a go, you will be considered a permanent resident of Germany, so please do not select „Yes“ for this question. 

Previous stays in the Federal Republic of Germany

If you have never travelled to germany, you do not select this checkbox. 

If you have travelled to Germany in the past, for example as a tourist, or as an Erasmus student, or for a social year, make sure to indicate this on the form.


If you have applied for a visa for Germany in the past, and the visa application was denied, you must indicate this in the declaration. The embassy has access to all visa applications you submitted and can see whether the applications where denied or granted, regardless of the country the application was submitted in. If you do not answer this question truthfully, your visa application will be denied on the grounds of wrong information.

Save your application

When you are done filling out the application form, you can save the information to your local computer for later changes.

In this case, click on „Save“.

You can save the form as a json file to your local computer. 

Please only save this file to a personal drive as the file has your personal information, as well as the personal information of your host family!

Once you have saved the json file to your computer, you can send this to us to check, or upload it to the form later on to make further changes.

At the top of the videx long-term-stay application form is a button „Import data“ to upload the saved information. 

You can select the json file you have saved and click on „Import data“ to load all of the saved information into the form. 

Finalizing your application

When your application form is ready to be submitted with the German embassy, click on „Continue“. 

A new page will open with a pdf viewer will open. This is the document you should print. 

You will have to sign on two pages: page 4 and page 5.

You will put the place (the city you are living in) and today’s date and sign on the printed line.