Cultural exchange in your home

Tolerance and acceptance become part of everyday life in your home

Au Pair as a person of trust

With creativity and fun, an au pair playmate at eye level helps the children through the daily routine

Affordable Help in every day life

Au Pairs bring flexible childcare to your daily routines,
reducing stress for everyone.

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If you have more questions than answers, why not book a consultatation hour with us and let us tell you all about the au pair program, and terms and conditions, to help you decide if the au pair program is right for you and your family.

You found an au pair and would like help with inviting the au pair? We are happy to help you with the process.

Applying as a host family in completely free. We do not charge anything until the au pair has arrived. From then on, you pay a monthly fee of around 80€ a month.

All au pairs have 2 weeks termination period, so if things don’t work out, we can help the au pair find a new family and look for a new candidate for you.

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