Why become an au pair?

Why become an au pair? Dreaming of traveling? Want to improve your foreign language skills? Join thousands of young people and become an au pair.

As the most common reason why someone would like to become an au pair, we always read ``cultural exchange`` and ``learning the language``. Of course, this is legitimate, but there are many other motivating factors why being an au pair will be worth while.

Living and travelling abroad

You best get to know a new culture if you experience it in everyday life. By becoming part of a family and taking care of children, you will learn firsthand what it is like to live in another country. And from your new home you are able to make minor excursions and major trips to get to know the rest of the country, and perhaps even a more of the EU.

Constant Support

If you are an au pair with us, you gain access to a large network that will help you bevor, during and after your year as an au pair. We will not only look for a suitable family for you, but will also support you throughout the year, answer questions, help if you should have problems with your host family and give you advice on tours and activities.

Growth and development

While you are living abroad, you become more independent, improve your foreign language skills and take on tasks that will help you to grow in many ways. When you return home, you will have gained many new skills and made new friends from around the world.

Your life as au pair

Your probably asking yourself, why you should become an au pair. One thing is for sure: your life as an au pair is never boring! You will take on many roles: best friend, sister/brother, son or daughter, caregiver and, most importantly, an extended family member. The children of host families are like all children – they love, learn and play and they continue to develop with the help of their au pair. Find out more about what being an au pair is all about:



Playing, going on trips and doing fun activities with children

Helping Hand

Cleaning the kitchen, vacuuming the living room and tidying the kids rooms



Preparing meals and snacks for the children and the entire family


Help with homework, practice reading and writing, doing arts and crafts, and reading for the children

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