Host family costs for an au pair

The following approximate monthly costs are to be expected for an au pair. Of course, the costs are partly dependent on one’s own lifestyle. Nevertheless, you should be aware that, with an au pair, you are paying for more than just the monthly pocket. It is another adult living in your home, who might get sick or goes on vacation.

Monthly costs for an au pair

around 670€

Pocket Money 280 €
Insurance 38 €
Grant for language course 70 €
Public transportation to language course and back 75 €
Subsidy for flight to Germany 50 €
Room and board 150 €

You must take out a health insurance for the au pair. However, this is not comparable with the statutory or private health insurance in Germany.

If the German course takes place online, we recommend that host families pay for transportation to the nearest city once a week. Au pairs need social contacts.

Alternatively, the host family can also apply the saved transportation costs to the au pair for the online course.

The host family can also pay for the complete language course. The contribution to the language course is payable even if the Au Pair does not attend a language course.

The host family is responsible for half of the costs for prolonging the visa in Germany. The registration in the municipality is usually free of charge. Please expect one-time costs of between 50€ to 150€ for the extension of the residence permit in Germany. These vary depending on the municipality.

If original documents from the embassy are required, the postage is to be paid by the host family. These should be sent by DHL Express, otherwise they will not arrive and tracking abroad is impossible. Here you have to calculate with costs of around 50€ to 75€.

Of course, the au pair also participates in family life. If you go out for dinner, to the zoo, to the cinema or to the amusement park, you should usually offer your au pair to come along. In this case, you as the host family will also bear all costs incurred.

The Full-Service Agency

You already have hardly any time to juggle everything? You lack the time and experience to organize the visa process on your own? There are many good reasons to ask us at My Family Au Pair for assistance. Here is an overview of our services.

Costs of a "Full Service" Placement

Maximum 81,22€ per month

inkl. MwSt

Our core business is the placement of au pairs as part of a “full service”. This means that we assist you in the selection of a suitable au pair. Once you have decided on an au pair, we will prepare the necessary documents, explain to you which official procedures are required and remind you to take care of the extension of the au pair visa in Germany.

Once your au pair has arrived in Germany, we will take care of your au pair as long as he/she is under contract with you.

Communication is our strength! Of course, we cannot fulfill every wish, but we will try to find a suitable solution for you. It is important for us that the expectations on the part of the host family as well as the au pair are realistic. Through intensive contact with our host families and the au pairs, we try to counteract problems and clear up misunderstandings.

Admin. Package

one-time fee of 108€

inkl. MwSt

Once the au pair has arrived in Germany, various administrative tasks fall to you as the host family. The au pair has to be registered, the visa and the driver’s license have to be extended, a bank account has to be opened and a cell phone card has to be organized.

Your au pair will not be able to do many things on his/her own, for example because of the lack of language skills. Sometimes you as host families simply lack the time to take care of the many administrative tasks.

We are here to take the load off you!

No matter if you have found the au pair through our agency or if you have invited the au pair yourself, we will gladly take care of the following tasks together with the au pair:

  • Opening an account with an online bank in Germany
  • Organising a German course
  • Mobile phone card, Prepaid or contract
  • Visa extension in Germany
  • Extension of the driver’s license in Germany after the first 6 months

Other services of our agency

You have never had an au pair before and what you read on the internet makes you doubt and leaves you with questions? We will gladly take the time to advise you and your family in detail and answer all your questions. We use our own experience as host families, as well as the feedback and stories from clients, to give you a comprehensive picture.

During a phone or video call of approximately one hour, we cover all important aspects of the au pair relationship. We answer questions such as:

  1. How much flexibility can I expect from my au pair in daily life?
  2. What does “light housework” mean?
  3. What do I have to look out for in an au pair during the getting-to-know phase?
  4. How does the visa process at the German embassy work?
  5. What do I do if it does not work out with my au pair?
  6. What are the possibilities to find an au pair by myself?

Good advice is expensive! But it is even more expensive not to listen to good advice.

one-time fee of 89,90€

inkl. MwSt

Have you found your au pair on your own through a platform like, we are happy to take care of the formalities for you. We take care of

  • Au Pair contract and letter of invitation,
  • form for work permit in Germany,
  • assisting the au pair in putting together the documents fo the German embassy

and provide the host family with our extensive information material. This fee is due immediately after the host parents have placed their order with us.

Once your au pair arrived in Germany, we will take care  of your au pair as long as he/she is under contract with you.

It does not always work out with the self-found au pair. Should you part with your self-found au pair prematurely, we will be happy to find you a new au pair. Of course, we usually try to find a new host family for your au pair as well. However, in such cases we are unfortunately not able to refund the mentioned fees.

one-time fee of 399,90€

inkl. MwSt

In addition to a contract and health insurance, the au pair needs additional documents for the visa application at the German embassy. Here, the letter of motivation and CV play a central role. The correct preparation of the documents can decide about success or rejection of the visa application.

We are happy to support your self-found au pair in preparing the documents for the German embassy. We check

  • the application form, CV and motivational letter and
  • help the au pair to prepare all other documents needed for the embassy.

The au pair will be educated about the procedure of the German embassy, common interview questions and what not to say.

one-time fee of 200,00€

inkl. MwSt

You have found an au pair, but you are not familiar with the documents? The standard contract does not cover all the aspects you would like to be covered? Our documents go beyond the legal requirements. We will be happy to create for you

  • the letter of invitation
  • the au pair contract
  • the form for obtaining the work permit.

one-time fee of 100,00 €

inkl. MwSt.

We are happy to share with you our extensive information for host families. These cover points such as opening a bank account and dealing with money, cell phone cards, GEZ, driving in Germany, medical expenses, and many other topics of daily life with an au pair.

Our extensive house rules in German and English will help the au pair to orientate themselves in your home and lay the foundation for a respectful and careful interaction with each other.

one-time fee of 30,00€

inkl. MwSt