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Host family costs for an au pair

The following approximate monthly costs are to be expected for an au pair. Of course, the costs are partly dependent on one’s own lifestyle. Nevertheless, you should be aware that, with an au pair, you are paying for more than just the monthly pocket. It is another adult living in your home, who might get sick or goes on vacation.

  • Monthly costs (approximately)
    • 616,78 monthly
    • pocket money 280 €
      insurance (approximately) 38 €
      grant toward language course** 50 €
      public transportation to and from language course (approximately) 75 €
      room and board (approximately) 100 €
      agency fee (approximately) 73,78 €


      **The host family may opt to pay the entire German course instead of a monthly grant.

Fees for a self-found au pair

If you have found an au pair without our help, for example through a portal like, we will gladly take care of the visa formalities for you. We take care of contracts and visa procedures. This fee is due immediately after requesting our service.

If you prematurely terminate the contract with an au pair which was not placed through our agency, we are happy to arrange a new au pair for you and will try to find a new host family for your au pair. We will not, however, reimburse the above mentioned fees.

one-time fee of 392,70€

incl. Tax

Fees for a "full service" match

Our core business is the placement of au pairs as part of a “full service”. This means that we assist you in the selection of a suitable au pair. Once you have decided on an au pair, we will prepare the necessary documents, explain to you which official procedures are pending and remind you to take care of the extension of the au pair visa. Communication is our strength! Of course, we cannot fulfill every wish, but we will try to find a suitable solution for you. It is important for us that the expectations on the part of the host family as well as the au pair are realistic. Through intensive contact with our host families and the au pairs, we try to counteract problems and clear up misunderstandings.

maximum of 73,78€ monthly

incl. Tax

Other costs for an au pair

costs for an au pair


Postage costs, should original documents from the embassy be required, are to be paid by the host family. These should be sent with DHL Express, otherwise they will not arrive and tracking abroad is not possible. Here you have to calculate with about 50€ to 75€.

Costs for prolonging the visa in Germany

The host family has to pay half of the costs for prolonging the au pair visa in Germany. Please calculate with one-time costs of between 50€ to 150€ for the extension of the residence permit in Germany. These vary depending on the municipality.

Further costs of everyday life

Of course, the au pair also takes part in family life. If you go out for dinner, to the zoo, to the cinema or to the amusement park, you should usually offer your au pair to come along. In this case, you as the host family will also bear all costs incurred.