Costs for the au pair

The following approximate monthly costs are to be expected for an au pair. Of course, the costs are partly dependent on one's own lifestyle. Nevertheless, you should be aware that, with an au pair, you are paying for more than just the monthly pocket. It is another adult living in your home, who might get sick or goes on vacation.

  • Monthly costs (approximately)
    • 616,78 monthly
    • pocket money 280 €
      insurance (approximately) 38 €
      grant toward language course
      (The host family may opt to pay the entire German course instead of a monthly grant.)
      50 €
      public transportation to and from language course (approximately) 75 €
      room and board (approximately) 100 €
      agency fee (approximately) 73,78 €
Further costs

The costs for administrative procedures in Germany are borne by the host family. These include registration in the community and the extension of the au pair visa at the immigration office. Please calculate with one-time costs of between 50 € to 150 €, which are different depending on the municipality. The au pair also participates in family life. If you go out to eat, go to the zoo, the cinema or the amusement park, you should usually offer your au pair to come with you. In this case, you as the host family also bear all costs incurred.

Fees for self-found au pairs

If you find an au pair yourself, for example via an au pair database, we are happy to complete the entry formalities for you. We take care of contracts, visa procedures and all other formalities for you. For this we charge a fee of 330€ plus 19% VAT (MwSt.). The fee is due immediately after signing the placement contract with our agency. If you prematurely terminate the contract with an au pair which was not placed through our agency, we are happy to arrange a new au pair for you and try to find a new host family for your au pair. A reimbursement of the above charges does not apply.