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In Germany we love to make waffles! These German Waffles are perfect for a weekend breakfast, brunch or even dessert. Made with simple ingredients!

Christmas Cookies: Cinnamon Stars

One of the traditional German Christmas cookies is Cinnamon Stars. They are easy to bake, yummi to eat and … they are made for cookie cutters, which means, kids love them.

5 Quick-Fixes to being Happy

Who isn’t looking for happiness? Here are 5 quick-fixes to being happy.

Crafts for Halloween

It is getting close to Halloween, so it’s time for some cool and fun craft ideas.

Supermarkets in Germany

Generally we are very privileged in Germany, as we can buy just about anything in a supermarket. Food can be incredibly cheap here, but also very expensive. Discount supermarket chains like Aldi and Lidl are selling food at incredibly low prices, whereas local deli’s and “Bio” stores sell high-quality, locally farmed or rare foodstuffs at the far upper end of the price scale. Here is a guide to supermarkets in Germany, the food they sell, and what to watch out for when going grocery shopping.

7 Handbag essentials

Until children are close to their teens, it makes sense to carry around some essentials in your bag, to make sure you are quipped for all eventualities. These essentials go beyond the usual diapers bag you need when you still have a baby to push around in a pram.

Buckwheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip cookies are the loveliest of unhealthy snacks (in my humble opinion). They are incredibly easy to make and, when it’s raining, a great way to keep children entertained.

3 Summer-Craft-Ideas *

Depending on where you are, summer holidays have started and with that the question, of how to keep the kids entertained. We have collected 3 summer craft ideas to try.


Allow for Au Pairs to enter Germany in Corona times We have been asking us for a while, when the big au pair associations would get active to rescue the au pair program in Germany. Currently all embassies are closed […]

Top 5 games for kids

In Germany, due to the bad weather, we spend a lot of times indoors. As a result, we have become accustomed to finding games which keep our kids busy. We have compiled the top 5 games for kids in Germany.