Online German classes for au pairs *

Not always can German courses be organized in a classroom setting. There are many alternatives online, which have become available to au pairs and those, which want to apply for the au pair visa in a German speaking country.

Why German courses online? Maybe local courses aren’t available, or start at a later point in time, or are very expensive, or they don’t match the free time slots, or maybe they are just booked solid.

There is a solution for everything.

Online German courses for au pairs are a great alternative and being booked by more and more students around the world.

Below you will find a list of online German courses we recommend.


My Family Au Pair Courses

Many au pairs have problems finding a suitable German course. With the large number of online German courses, it is easy to lose track and not all courses are good and not all providers are organized.

Together with trained German teachers, we now offer exclusive online courses for au pairs. Au pairs learn in small groups of up to 12 participants in a virtual classroom. The courses are taught exclusively in German. We offer the courses at times when most au pairs have time: either in the morning or in the evening. There is a WhatsApp group for each course where students can exchange information. If there are any problems, we can provide support.

Each course takes place twice a week for 2 hours a day. At around €95 per month, the courses are inexpensive and effective due to the small number of participants. 2 books are required for each course.

You can find the courses on offer here:

Deutschkurs Webinar

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BerlinoSchulen is a language school in Berlin, which offers classes in a classroom setting as well as online. Lessons take place in German in small groups of a maximum of 10 students.

BerlinoSchule offers intensive courses in the mornings and afternoons, from Monday through Friday, from 9:30 to 12:10 or from 14:30 to 17:10. Each course takes 3 weeks and should ensure fast progress. The courses are 192€, but au pairs get a reduction of 20€ when the course is booked through us.

Available courses can be booked here:

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Münchner Volkshochschule

The Munich Volkshochschule offers German courses for au pairs. The courses aren’t cheap, but they are good. They offer all levels during different times of the days. Generally the course availability matches the Bavarian school calendar. The courses are recognized throughout Germany, so there is no reason why someone living in Hamburg should not take a course with the Munich Volkshochschule.

Intensiv courses usually last 24 days, from Monday through Friday. With over 300€ they are more expensive than what an au pair can usually afford. Their effectiveness generally justifies the price though if someone is looking to pick up the language quickly.

You can find the courses online here:

Captain Language

Captain Language is another language school. The school is used by many au pairs because the courses are very affordable. The courses are offered in packages, each package can be used to learn up to 5 languages at the same time and the provider is very affordable. However, the offer does not include virtual classrooms and is based solely on self-learning.

You can find out more about their offer here:

With Groupon, Captain Language offers price reductions:

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Pro Au Pairs 24

Pro Au Pairs 24 offers language courses on a monthly subscription basis. The offer is directed towards host families: the au pair can start with the courses before coming to Germany and continue learning German for the duration of 12 months. Should the au pair terminate the contract prematurely, the host family can pause the subscription until the next au pair comes.

The courses are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, either in the mornings or afternoons. The courses are usually double-lessons in skype or zoom calls. The classroom material is made available online. No further costs will be incurred.

The classes are tought by experienced teachers, which can speak English or Spanish to explain concepts if needed.

The option to double the number of lessons a week also exists. This way, levels can be completed more quickly.

At currently €77 per month, the offer is definitely very affordable. Since the host family does not have to pay for the transportation to and from the language course, it is suggested that the host family should pay the entire course fees.

You can find out more about the courses offered here:

To schedule a free trail class, click here:

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Further options

The Deutsche Welle offers free courses and resources here:

The Volkshochschulen have a portal for German language students:

You are looking for even more information?

We have compiled a list of what courses in a classroom setting cost in Germany on average. You can find out more in this blog article:

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