Toddler activities with au pairs

Simple Ways to Keep Toddlers Busy on a Sunday

If you are looking for something to do with a small child on a Sunday and don’t want to turn on the TV, try these simple ideas:

  • Fill a bowl or pot with play sand, rice or beans and bury some toys like building blocks in it. Give your toddler a spoon or fork and have them dig for the toys.
  • Homemade playdough keeps a toddler busy for hours. An easy recipe for making playdough can be found here:
  • Blow up one or two balloons and let your toddler throw them up in the air. A great way for toddlers to develop some hand-eye coordination. Turn on some music and blow up some more balloons and you can throw your own party for two.
  • Take a small ball and a bowl or pot and practice throwing the ball into the bowl. Once again, great hand-eye coordination practice. For more fun, spread out more bowls and have your toddler throw the ball from one bowl to the next, like a small course. Once they get better at actually throwing the ball into to the bowls, time your toddler and see how quickly they can complete the course.