Congratulations on being matched!

We are going to walk you through the next steps and hope to answer any questions you might have.

Please read this information carefully and revert back to this page for future reference.

Au Pair application online

Documents needed for the embassy

You can find an exact list of documents which you will need to submit on the website of the German embassy in your home country. Please print this list and make sure you have the documents in order, ask requested by the embassy. Make sure your documents look tidy and are organized.
  • IDs and proof of registration

    We will provide the IDs of the host parents as well as the registration document (Meldebescheinigung) if required.

  • Contract & letter of invitation

    We will provide these once the host family has signed them.

  • Health insurance

    We will provide this.


The CV should have a certain format and include relevant information about your education and career experience. The most current event should always come first, and ordered by date decending. You can find a free templates her:

Motivational Letter

This is NOT the letter to the host family! The motivational letter is addressed to the embassy and should be set up as follows:

To: The German embassy in XXX


Dear Sir/Madam,

… a paragraph about yourself: your full name, date of birth, about your parents, siblings, schooling, university degree…

… a paragraph about your work experience or what you did after school/university…

… a paragraph about why you are learning German, how this will further your career in your home country and what you plan to do in your home country when you return after the au pair year…

… a paragraph about your host family, their names, ages of the children, that you did video calls with them…

Thank you for your attention. I hope for a positive response on my visa application.

Kind regards


Videx long-term stay application form

You will need to submit the videx long-term stay application form as part of your documents.

You can find a video here, which will explain of how to fill out the long-term-stay videx application form for the German embassy.

This is the link to the form:

Proxy for the embassy

The embassy is not allowed to answer any questions about your visa process, unless you sign a proxy. Please fill out the proxy and email this back to us to info(at)

Reference letter

If you have not already done so, now is the last possible moment for submitting your childcare reference.

You can download a form for the childcare reference here. This can be filled out by anyone you have babysat or worked as a nanny for, even family members.

Au Pair Fact Sheet

Make sure to have read the Fact Sheet – “Au pairs” in German families. This summarizes the au pair programm in Germany and will ensure you know about your rights as an au pair. Please fill out and sign the Erklärung des Au-pair zum Empfang der Au-pair-Informationen. Please email this back to us to info(at)

Medical certificate

You can download our example of a medical certificate here. The first page is mandatory and needs to be signed and stamped by a doctor. The second and third page are nice-to-have and can be filled out as much as possible.

Make sure to also submit the results of your bloodwork!

Please email us these documents to info(at)