Terms and Conditions

Childcare for the modern family

Parents are now facing challenges which generations before that did not. We believe that au pairs are a means of child care which families can and should take advantage of. If you take in an au pair, you and your family can profit from high quality care at an affordable price. With us you can rely on flexible and reliable help. Below you will find a short overview of the terms and conditions of the au pair program.

simple process
Easy Process

To find the right au pair can be a lengthy and difficult process. We will only send you relevant and suitable candidates and actively support you when choosing your au pair.

exceptional au pair

It is our goal to provide talented and energetic au pairs, which enrich the host families life. Finding an au pair is easy. Managing expectations isn't. Our job is to ensure that the au pairs and families have matching expectations to ensure a successful time together.

low costs
Low Costs

An au pair costs 16,66€ per day, no matter how many days you have, which makes it a lot cheaper than a babysitter, nanny or daycare.

Prerequisits for host families

  • Host families can be any single parent or couple which has at least 1 child under the age of 18 living in their household.
  • The au pair may not be a relative of a family member.
  • You have to have a furnished room for the au pair.
  • If you have 4 or more children living with you, you may employ 2 au pairs at the same time.

What can you expect?

The au pair helps you with the child care and light housework for up to 30 hours a week and a maximum of 6 hours a day. Overtime should only occur on exception and be compensated with free time.

What can the au pair expect?

The host family offers room and board, along with 280€ pocket money a month. An additional 70€ are paid by the host family a month to contribute to the costs of a language course.
You also need to take out a health insurance for the au pair.
As a host family you can either provide a car for the au pair or pay for public transportation so that the au pair can get to the language course and back.

An au pair also needs time off:

  • during a stay of 12 months the au pair has 4 weeks paid holiday
  • at least 1 free day a week
  • at least 1 free Sunday a month
  • at least 4 nights off a week.

Our approach

How we work:

  • Personal interviews with the au pairs
  • Validation of all data
  • Assistance with the selection of candidates
  • Folder with detailed information for families
  • Intensive assistance throughout the year

What you should also know

The placement process of candidates from third countries may take 4 to 12 months. The time depends on the country of origin.

A written au pair contract must be completed and an account must be set up for the au pair for the payment of pocket money (this is also required to make the payments tax deductable).

The au pair stays at least 6, usually 12 months. For applicants from the EU, there is no minimum duration.

Countries out au pairs come from


You fulfill the requirements as a host family and agree with the terms and conditions? You want to get an overview of the au pairs currently looking for a host family? Check out our Au Pair Galery.